Milly, the Mountain Province, Underground

Welcome to my ideas and reasonings behind the characters in the Mountain Province of Dorr! Mostly, I will be talking about the Sessa, the snake-like race that lives there. First off, from what I know about snakes, their preferred habitats are wooded areas. So I pretty much have no reasoning behind making a mountain terrain with 0 trees the home of the snake-like people. I’m sorry.

But yeah, there is a history to Dorr that forces all of the Sessa underground. A long time ago, they lived above ground with the rock giants until relations turned sour between them. That forced the Sessa to go underground. I wanted to make some cool underground cities, though I think I like crisscrossing tunnels with only the occasional grand chamber. The large open places are the most important areas. Most of the cities are more comprised up of tunnels with buildings and homes carved into them. So it’s not as impressive as the dwarven cities in the films of the Lord of the Rings. I do enjoy a smaller space, but not claustrophic. Oh no, there’s still more than enough room for stuff.

The Sessa have the upperbody of a human but the lower body of a snake. I suppose they reproduce the same way snakes do, not people. Their bodies continue to grow as long as their alive, so it’s possible to tell how old one is by how long it is. That was why I made the King of the Sessa so long. The Sessa show respect through eye contact, reverance by being lower than the person they are talking to, and dominance by being higher. They don’t expect that of other races, though they will subtly change height to the amount of respect they think should be shown.

The Sessa also like to call people by their titles instead of their names. Names are only for family and close friends. Though that also means each Sessa can be called several different things during the day since their roles might not be apparent on visual cue. The Sessa will always introduce themselves with their official position, and that will be the title used if known.

I might have been thinking of Helms Deep when I named the capital of Dorr Crown Deep. I designed the bright cavern and cave sprites to sort of resemble the black dust things found in Totoro, only not black. I did want to add a bit of whimsy as the Sessa were more serious of a race. I’m pretty sure I made up everything on the fly at that point, such as why Milly was ordered to collect the dust as anything other than an obvious test. But hey, I thought that an underground city still needed to tell time, so I had that be the reason.

I made the lava field just to have one more adventure in the land. It was always planned and was not a filler event. I wanted a place where Gale’s leg would be, and I wanted it to be someplace special. Geeze, her other body parts will be completely hazardous to get to at this rate.

This is getting a bit long, so I’ll get to the characters next time! It’ll give me time to look up the King since he’s not in my notes for some reason.


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