Milly, the Mountain Province

Time for some more notes on the story of Milly! This time, I’ll be talking about the Monutain Province of Dorr.

For that province, I wanted a sort of dark tone that ranges from sunset to night in brightness level. I suppose I wanted the romantic look of rays of light peeking over the peaks of the mountains and looking up at the star-filled night with mountains all around. Really, most of these provinces are indulging in some sort of scenery that I like.

So another thing I enjoy is hot springs! And what better place to put hot springs than in the Mountain Province? I enjoy those full service hot springs with a place to sleep and eat in addition to bathing. It comes with both private baths and public pools. The feel was supposed to be grandiose, surrounded on all sides by steep walls with the constant fall of waterfalls all around.

In order to make all that mountainous terrain a bit more magical, I included crystal formations. There’s no real reason for it other than looking cool. I forgot the exact name, but remember the zone in World of Warcraft directly underneath the floating city of Dalaran? I imagine there is a spot that looks like that in Dorr.

Still, all mountains would make for a boring view, so I added in volcanoes! I am conscious that heat radiates outwards, and it would be scorching hot anywhere near the volcanos, so I tried to mitigate that with the magems.

To further up the magical nature, I added in the rock giants. They were a fairly late addition in the planning phase, not really being there until I needed them for plot convenience. I wanted each province to be large, yet I did not want the realistic travel times that walking would bring. Not to mention just how badly Milly’s sneakers would be ruined. I’ll probably give Milly new shoes next book.

Anyway, I made the rock giants both to give a splash to color to the landscape and to give her an easy way around. But then came another problem of them revealing too muc about the past I didn’t want to go into at the moment, so I decided to make it so that they have to remember backwards at some speed that would mean it would take too long to be practical. Whew. Dodged that bullet with some bs explanation.

For fun, I made it so that the oldest rock giants actually do become the mountain, and just to head of any questions about how new rock giants are formed, I had one being born right in the story. Though that still doesn’t understand the question of where the heart came from. I’ll just say concentrated lava + magic.

On the animals living in the Mountain Province, I chose to base it on fiery versions of insects, arachnids and molluscs. I’m not sure why, I just I like the way their bodies would glow. They have the most interesting movements for that. I originally wanted a scene where Milly was riding a lava snail but couldn’t figure out how to work it in. Oh well.

Next time, I’ll talk about the underground of Dorr as well as the characters that live there!


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