Milly, Wizard Province Characters

Welcome to my design notes on the characters in the Wizard Province of Aretto! Of course, this is for my story, Milly.

To start with, I will talk about Carl Ross, the previous child that got drawn into the world of Benaville. For some reason, I want all people from the regular world to have two first names as names. I don’t know if he will be a huge part of the story. He’ll mostly just be around to give advice from time to time, I suppose, and Milly will use his notes to help her out. Carl is still pretty bitter about never getting home, but maybe he’ll soften up in later books. I haven’t really decided much with his character.

Soarwidhe was a fun character to make. I wanted to do my own take on dragon etiquettes and stuff. They aren’t overly stuffy or formal in my story. Also, his name is officially pronounced Soar-wee. My logic for that is from the word banshee, which is spelled bean-sidhe in Gaelic. I don’t know if that sidhe will keep the same pronounciation if given to widhe, but that’s what I am going with. I enjoyed making him a bit of a shy guy. He’s not one of those all roar and breathe fire dragons.

After the second book, Soarwidhe is going to ferry around Milly for free! Though it still won’t be that easy getting around since that would take the adventure away. I’ll try to use him sparingly. Also, I will introduce the dragon islands floating in the clouds above Benavill some book. Not sure how, yet, but I will.

Sio Ois is from the from the Province of Balab. Their race likes symmetry, though not palindromes since that would be hard to make up sentences for. I’ll talk more about their culture later once I write the book introducing them. Sio will be an ally in the future. Thanks to Milly getting him the Rainbow Star, he gets to a much better situation and moves back to Balab.

Nikus is the current leader of Aretto. He still doesn’t have absolute power, but most people will listen to him. He is the adventuring buddy of Carl Ross back in the day. I don’t know how much I will play on what happened in the past and how they tie in with the present. For now, he’s mostly a convenient way for Milly to get people to believe her.

Ina filled the Nikus role back when Nikus was with Carl Ross. If that made any sense. She probably will be the one that wants to follow the rules, since Nikus is more willing to help out Milly with more resources.

Cornwilla, yes, that annoying girl from Eastown. This will be some spoilers for the third book, but she will not only be a major character, but I want her to be the point of view character. And she will be working against Milly initially due to the feeling of being cheated out of her victory in the talent competition. For now, she is the only other character that I plan to have a point-of-view book, and only for that one book. Not sure why, but I think it will be fun. I’ll try to describe things differently when compared to Milly.

That’s about all the characters I want to talk about. There may or may not be more important characters living in Aretto that have already been introduced. But I want to keep some secrets. Mmhmmhmm.


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