Milly, the Wizard City

Hello and welcome to the next part of my design notes in the world of Milly! This time, it will be about the magic city Aretto. It is also the name of the center land in between all of the provinces, so this will also contain any other characters living in that area.

First off, you have no idea how many times I accidentally spelled Aretto as Arreto. This happens a lot with other words. I am uncertain of where the double letter is. Thank goodness for the search and replace function in my word processor.

Now, then, I’ve wanted a center place where the wizards of the world live. Now just to make it clear, the word wizards refers to the race that look like regular people. Even if they don’t have magic, they are called wizards since that is just what everyone else knows them as.

I wanted something grand and mystical for the center city but unassuming for the outside parts. So that’s why there is just one large city with all of the magical works from sky trams to tall, radiant buildings. It’s supposed to have a feeling that’s a cross between medieval and magic/tech.

The city of Aretto is going to be the home base, so to speak, of Milly. Every book starting from the second, she will start there and go out on a new adventure following that. I gave her a free room and meals because I worry too much about how she would be getting by otherwise. Even if she does have a bit of outsdoorsy training, living off the land is not easy. And that’s all stuff I’ve learned from those survival shows.

I also decided to give Milly and official position because I thought it would be fun. She is the happy ambassador that goes out to help the provinces! It also helps my justify the city letting her stay for free if she’s providing them a service of being a neutral party that the other people won’t object to.

As for the outskirts of Aretto, they are more like a calm, country life dotted with small outposts for travelers and a bit larger villages. It would be the shortest change from country life to city life ever just by walking for a day or so. I don’t think there’s too much I want to say about those small villages. They are just normal, old-timey places with the addition of magic to help out.

Next time, I will talk about the characters that populate Aretto. That includes Carl, Soarwidhe and the officials of Aretto among some others!


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