Crime Procedural Round Up

These are my thoughts about a few shows that are mainly crime procedurals, things such as CSI. I watch way too many of them, and they are making me paranoid. But I do enjoy it and check out most of those kinds of shows. As they are mainly episodic, I don’t have much to say about the overall season, so this will just be some short overall thoughts on the show.

First up is the long runner CSI. I have only recently started watching it, actually. I saw it a bit back in the days when Warrick was still around, stopped, then started again when D.B. Russel showed up. I think I enjoy D.B.’s leading style, which led to me watching more. He’s a nice character that has little family problems, which is nice. Oh, not counting the time his daughter was abducted. And grandaughter. Of course. This show still sticks pretty closely to the formula they set out a long time ago, but it’s working.

Rizzoli & Isles. I mainly enjoy them having female main characters. Seeing my other writing works, I like writing stories with female main characters. Both of the ones on this show is fun to watch. And they have some great, fun scenes together.

Perception. This one is cool mainly because it deals with conditions of the brain. I am assuming the show’s writers have done their research and most of the things they depict are real, if not necessarily accurate. The hallucinations of the main character also provide for some interesting people showing up.

I’ll talk about the other crime shows I’m watching as their season finales come up. Though I’ve recently picked up CSI: Cyber and iZombie.

CSI: Cyber feels pretty much like a crime show, except with cyber crimes. I’m not certain how necessary the main character’s ability to be a living lie detector is. It seems to pull a bit away from the cyber theme. And I’m glad they toned down the computer-ish special effects after the first episode. The effects that have now is pretty good.

iZombie just feels fun. Zombie coroner that gets the victims memories from eating their brains? Yes, please.

I have seen a bit of Battle Creek, but with so many crime shows around, I just haven’t had much time to keep up with it. So I can’t say much about that show at all other than I’ve seen the first episode. It didn’t super grab me, I’m sorry to say.

That’s all for now! Once the season finales roll around, I’ll perhaps do another single paragraph thought on the shows.


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