Milly, Forest Province Characters

These are some of my design notes on the inhabitants of the Forest Province in my Milly story. This time, it will be all about the characters and creatures that inhabit the Forest Province of Lillilin.

I’ve already discussed the Kurbol a bit when I mentioned Pokura in the main character section. They are smart but also mischievious. They cause a lot of trouble, so the Aelin prefer not to have them around. Most of the time, any kurbols are thrown right out of the town to keep them from causing trouble.

Last time, I mentioned that I designed the aelin to have a bit of a alien fairy look with the females being trees that the males blossom from. That is also how I came up with their names. The last name for all Aelin is the name of the their mother plus the word blossom. So someone whose mother is named Rona would have the last name Ronablossom. Female names tend to end in the letter -a while male names are a bit more varied. Though I based the ending sounds on parts of the plant, like the -stle sound from thistle.

I sort of wanted to show how the aelin were more closed off than the peopel of the Swamp Province. The aelin are less likely to just invite a stranger to take part in their meetings and games.

The most major aelin character is Chrillo. He is supposed to be different in that he is open and accepting right out of the gate. It might be interspecies, but Chrillo is the closest thing I have intending to be a romantic interest for Milly. It might not show up much in the books since I am bad at romance, but I do plan on having Chrillo reappear later on in more stories. I don’t think he’ll ever be a main character that goes along on adventures as he has a weak body unsuited to it.

As for the animals of the Forest Province, I’ve indulged a bit on making something cool and scary. The tree-wyvern is pretty much what it sounds like, a giant living creature that has the appearance of a tree. Don’t ask me about the physics of it flying. It’s magic. The concept of it might be a bit scary, especially how it’s smart enough to use other creatures to do work.

I guess the tree-wyverns could be considered the most dangerous thing inside of the Forest Province. They blend in amongst the trees, meaning anywhere you go, one could be waiting. Chew on that for a while.

Anyway, that’s all for this time. Next time, I will talk about the wizard city of Aretto!


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