Another pretty late review coming in. This time, it’s for the web series, RWBY! That’s pronounced Ruby. This is the second season, and I feel they put out a better paced one oeverall. The end was a bit rushed, but the other episodes felt much more even compared to the first season. Part of what helped was the longer episodes in general.

First up, I want to express my condolescenses to the friends and family of Monty Oum, creator of RWBY. He did some really great and fun work.

So, why is my thoughts on RWBY only coming out now instead of when the season ended? I was sort of saving it up to binge watch, just like I did with the first season. I wasn’t following super closely, so I wasn’t sure when the season had ended. But now that it had, I get to watch the entire thing in just a few sittings.

This season brings more cuteness, comedy and action while also adding more dramatic scenes. I’ve mentioned the pace before. In the first season character development for the main characters seemed to happen too fast. Now it feels about right with proper time looking into why the characters are having said problems and how they deal with it. For the most part, this season focuses on Blake, the serious one of the main characters. Her progress and working out issues provides the somber scenes giving a bit of gravity to the show.

The series never loses its sense of humor or ridiculous action scenes. I enjoyed the pet dog, Zwei, especially. Yeah, so he’s probably the toughest member of the team while being a small, cute corgi. That’s what I like about him. Being introduced in a shipping tube was just a plus. But the show has some nice plot going on underneath all that. And that is not a euphemism.

I sort of want the plot to move faster, but at the same time, I don’t want that at the expense of just seeing the characters interact and have fun with each other. A plot element was introduced early in the second season, but as of the end, it still hasn’t happened yet. If I had to choose between more plot or more fun scenes, I guess I would go with fun scenes. I have mentioned I am a slice of life kind of guy.

Oh, the music is pretty rad in this show, too. If you’re looking for cute action girls, this is the place to be. If you want impossibly cool weapons, this is also the place. I hope for a 3rd season, and I hear that one is happening.

Still might binge watch it all at once, though. It takes the edge off of the shorter episodes.


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