Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6, I have finally seen this movie. I wanted to watch it back when it first came out, but I think I chose another movie. Maybe Interstellar? I don’t remember what movie came out around the same time. But of course I wanted to watch this, too. And now that it’s out on On Demand, I have watched it!

Note that I will be a bit more loose with spoilers for this due to just how long ago it came out. So there will be information peppered throughout. Short version, I recommend you watch Big Hero 6. It is a great animated superhero film with a science background for all the things happening.

For me, after watching a film, I usually like to do some reading about it. That’s how I discovered that Big Hero 6 was actually a Marvel comic originally, though the premise has changed a lot. I suppose that explains Stan Lee’s appearance at the end of the film. I also don’t believe that this will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is fine. They really have too different of a style. I really have not heard about the Big Hero 6 comic before, so I’ll be talking about the film as it is.

First up, I just really enjoyed looking at the city of San Fransokyo. It just has so much color and mixture of futuristic tech and Japanese style. All of the technology that could be just makes me happy. If battlebots were to get that advanced, if the city could be bright and lively all the time, it would just be great. So, yeah, I am having a lot of fun just drinking in the background scenery.

But on to the movie itself. It is a super hero origin story like much of the first movie in the super hero film category, but it’s one you haven’t seen or heard of a hundred times before. Again, I’ve not read the comics, so I have no idea if the story is the same there, but this film is touching, sad and funny at all the right times.

In a slight departure from previous Disney, we get to spend some time with the person that galvanized the main character into becoming what he is. And instead of seeing them several years down the line, the story is all about how the main character, Hiro, deals with the loss of his older brother. Of course, that character is doomed, but Hiro’s brother does leave him with the best caregiving robot buddy around, Baymax.

The rest of the super her team don’t have as much personal scenes, but they all bring their own help in getting Hiro over his grief. And I’m hoping for future sequels in which their characters get expanded upon. They are each fairly interesting, and though I’m not sure how the nice, neurotic guy decided to build the slicing laser.

Big Hero 6 is a great super hero movie in general. The bright and fantastic visuals bring a lot to the world, and so do the characters. It might be aimed at kids, but other people should watch, too. They pull of some fun actions scenes worthy of grand heroics.


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