Milly, Forest Province

This is my design notes and thought process for making the forest province! This one was pretty tough, actually, mostly because there are magical forests all around in fantasy writing. Well, I tried to make it colorful and bright with leaf lanterns and multi-colored trees. Still, it does come across as a magic forest.

For the name, I guess I wanted something with repetitive sounds. That’s why there’s only 3 different letters in the name, Lillilin. To go along with that, I named the people living their Aelin. And I didn’t want to do elves or some such, so I decided on wood fairies instead. To make them different, I gave them roots on their backs that can be used as legs, climb things and all sorts of stuff. They may not be able to fly, but they are pretty mobile in the woods.

Hmm, I sort of based the Aelin’s appearance on Final Fantasy 14 sylphs. At least I think it’s the sylphs. Those little guys in the foresty part of the world. It’s been a long time since I last played, so I hope I’m remembering right.

For the female Aelin, however, I wanted to do something out there. That is why they are trees. Male Aelin come from flowers that are… pollinated. Yeah, like plants. The female Aelin can be carried around, though. Their roots are not embedded into the ground deeply. I haven’t decided if female Aelin grow into trees at a certain age or are just always trees. One might be slightly less scary than the other.

I definitely want giant trees in Lillilin, though, mostly because I enjoy having something really tall around. Just the awe and wonder of it among normal-sized stuff. Let’s see, the one in the story, Oak Spring, has at least 99 levels. Assuming 10 feet height per level, that would be 990 feet tall tree. Wow. And it’s potentially even higher because the lowest trunk area doesn’t have any levels. Instead of having magical means of getting up, I decided to have an elevator for some reason. But it’s probably magical anyway just from needing the power to go so high up.

I am not sure if tapping into the tree would draw out water, but I liked the idea. Living in a giant tree does have some challenges and logistics that need to be considered. I didn’t that much thought into it. They can get fruit from the tree since it will be giant. Still, they get a lot of deliveries for other foods such as nuts.

For normal towns of the Forest Province, what’s better than interconnected tree houses?

Next time, more on the characters and the creatures living in Lillilin, the Forest Province!


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