Agent Carter Finale

Agent Carter, the first leading lady in the Marvel Cinematics Universe (I think). It’s a miniseries that takes place during the break in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but it’s no filler. The show is tense, kicks a lot of ass and has great characters.

Apparently, most of the characters on the show are actual Marvel Universe characters, but they are the non-powered people. I am not a huge comic reader, so I didn’t know any of them. But they still entertained me and made me feel for them.

Overall, the series is great, with the second half having better storylines and excitement. The first half is just to set things up and introduce the characters, which it does while giving a lot of fun spy missions. Every episode gives something new to chase after or run from.

And the character of Agent Carter is great. She takes no nonsense and wants to show her male coworkers just what she’s made out of. I was a fan of her character in Captain America: The First Avenger, and I was a bit sad that she wouldn’t get to be in future movies, on account of being too old. I’m glad she got her own series as the main character. All heroes aren’t super-powered or super-suited. Good old leg-work can be just as effective.

I also quite enjoyed seeing Jarvis in the flesh. I’m glad they made him completely incapable of fighting and have him provide other kinds of support. He also gets quite a few of the fun scenes.

Every character gets some great touches to round them out, such as Sousa’s story about walking into a diner. Even the guy that dies first has a moment, though posthumously. He gets a gravity to his death that raises the intensity of the show. Of course, the later deaths aren’t given nearly as much focus, so that kinda felt off after the first one.

There is a thing about a prequel, and that is you know that certain characters won’t die. Which is why I think the emotional part in the last episode didn’t work as well, but they also made it about character growth instead of whether the character would die or not.

This series pulls of some great and impactful scenes. The second to last episode also contains quite a punch. I highly recommend the series. It’s fun and explores certain parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that you didn’t know you wanted to see and care about.

Also some thoughts about the closing of the series with spoilers.

Who thought it was a good idea to put a mad doctor with another mad doctor? I mean, c’mon!


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