Sleepy Hollow, Season Finale

Ah, another season to Sleepy Hollow is closed. It is a fun romp through mythologies and American history with some modifying of the original tales to make it suitable for television. This will be my thoughts on the entirety of the season while still trying to keep spoilers to a minimum. I feel like at times I don’t go in depth into certain things just because I don’t want to spoil things. But I will refer to events that happened in the first season. If you haven’t watched that, you could go read my first season review, here.

So what does the second season give? More of the first with some new human characters to throw some fun and antagonization into the mix. Each episode is still mostly self-contained with a plotline running through the entire season. Of course, the character it focuses on is the bad guy revealed at the end of the first season, Henry Parish, Horseman of War.

The monster of the week badguys actually felt a bit repetitive. It appears, does something strange, the heroes research it out in books or get magical weapons, and then beat it. Throw in a joke about Crane and technology and you got yourself an episode.

A few still stood out, like the guy in the painting and the drowned lady. Don’t get me wrong, they were still fun, but I think such mythological creatures could have used mini-arcs to beat. Maybe 2-3 parters. It gives them more threat and danger while also giving them more mystery.

Sometimes, I question the convenience of them always having the right magic to get rid of the monster of the week. But then again, if the monster of the week had access to convenient magical powers, why shouldn’t the good guys? Though making things multi-parters would lessen that effect a lot.

The new character of Hawley was pretty good. He seemed to be too good a getting what the main characters needed, but he also brought a fresh perspective to the whole thing. The more blasé attitude to the monsters made him fun to watch and have Crane butt heads with.

The plot that ran through the entire season, though. It really paid off in the finale. Making the focus bad guy someone that could interact more with the main characters a good idea. And Henry’s arc was interesting to see. The finale was a lot of fun, too. I will put more thoughts on that after the next part, but I found the finale to be great. Best part, it was not a everyone in danger cliffhanger like the first season finale, but it still had questions left open for lots more adventure.

Random thoughts that contain lots of spoilers for Season 2.

After a long time of seeing Crane adapt to the modern world, it was fun for one episode to see Abbey adapt to the colonial world. Of course she couldn’t stay there, what with half of the main cast being in modern times.

I like how they keep on coming back to Crane and the Headless Horseman. For something named Sleepy Hollow, it is as it should be. For all the larger threats, Crane should always be connected to the Headless Horseman the most.

I thought they didn’t know quite what to do with Captain Irving in season 2. He had some major moments, but his plot was resolved quite neatly, almost too much so, I think. But at least he’ll be around for the next season, so I’m glad about that.

And you know, I think the 2 characters that died in the season finale and the episode before that are really gone. It was sad, but Katrina had really gone off the deep end by that time. It makes me wonder how both Crane and Abraham would be affected in season 3 now that she’s gone. Guess there’s no chance of the Headless Horseman returning to normal anymore.

Also, I predict Orion will be the bad guy in the 3rd season, or at least a major player. Now watch that be hilariously wrong. I would, of course, be saving the Headless Horseman as the final enemy.

Whew, that’s some of my thoughts on the second season. See you later!


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