Milly, Swamp Province Characters

This will be a pretty short post since I didn’t introduce that many characters in the Swamp Province. This will basically be my notes and thoughts on Slivhl and the nyem-nyem.

Slivhl is the old, crochety type of character that would complain a lot but still help out in the end. I also made him because I think a lot on how the world should work, and that meant what would happen at night in the province. Since it is a safe and civilized place, people would want to walk around at night. And since automated lighters would require some kind of system running all throughout the marsh, I wanted something more homely.

Back in the old days, they had people lighting the lamps at night, right? I think so. At least I like the image of someone carrying a long pole slowly lighting up the lamps. There was no real reason to have him live alone other than for his personality.

And in my more food-enjoying ideas, I wanted to put out marshmallows just for fun. I’ve never actually tried it, but I would like to.

Now for the nyem-nyem. This creature was not in the story originally. But I added it in because I was short of the 50,000 words needed for NaNoWriMo. That meant coming up with something fun on the spot, so I decided to give more life to Herghkl, the Swamp Province.

I distinctly wanted to make the nyem-nyem scary-looking but not that intimidating once you get to know it. My design for the creature involves the blanket covering it, so even I don’t know what it would look like without the blanket. Nyem-nyem’s have a sort of magic that makes people pity them. Probably an annoying creature to run into, but not dangerous.

I added that tale about how the nyem-nyems’ tears were the cause of the marsh. It was just something fun. There are stories like that in the real world all the time. It’s not real, but fun to listen to.

Wow, this came out quite long. Next time, the Forest Province, Lillilin!


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