Murdoch Mysteries, Artful Detective

This is my thoughts on the season finale of Artful Detective! Though there will be no season break since it was actually last season’s finale. The show is Canadian, and the America television is about one season behind. But we’re catching up, and that’ll be sad since it won’t mean new episodes every week. In Canada, the show is known as Murdoch Mysteries.

The show is about a smart detective that does things with science and reasoning. Well, doesn’t everyone? Not quite so much in the 1900’s. Yes, the show takes place around 1900, and it has a sort of quaint, polite charm. Much more legwork was required to get information back then, but it’s fun to see.

The concept is a crime procedural, but the presentation I really enjoy. My favorite part is how the main character, Murdoch, is smart, well-known to be the best detective, yet he is not a jerk. No high-functioning sociopathy or anti-social disorders. The man is polite to all while still being firm when needed. It makes the parts where he does get angry all the more worrisome.

Even the badguys are polite to the point where they won’t handcuff them. It is a sign of the times, or at least how we thought of the times back then. The police didn’t carry guns, they only took it out of the armory for emergencies.

There are plenty of historical jokes, from appearances of historical figures to the fact that the main characters all had ideas for what would become popular things today, such as a board game where players put down words.

Mostly, I just enjoy the setting and style of the show. It’s different from the manic pace of American shows.

Well, now that I think about it, this post is much more about the show as a whole. The finale of the last season felt mostly like a normal case, but it does bring to a close the story running throughout the season. And then, once everyone is happy, wham, another plot, midly brought out over the season, kicks into place.

Murdoch Mysteries/Artful Detective doesn’t do anything that another weekly crime procedural doesn’t, but the time and setting gives it a charm and style that I really enjoy. And I appreciate just how much the main characters try to act like gentlemen, not jerks that think they can get away with things because they’re better than the other characters.

And the next season of the show has premiered on American TV, so away I go!


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