Milly, Other Characters

Alright, last time I said I would go into the individual provinces in more detail, but then I decided it would be better to get the other two main characters out there first. That would be Gale Rose and Pokura, of course.

Alright, so at first I wondered if having a character that was a magical talking head was going to be good for a children’s book. I am talking about Gale Rose, of course. Then, being the overthinker I am, wondered how she would talk without lungs. Then, I said MAGIC!

Gale is not a zombie. She is fully alive. Now, she doesn’t need to eat, but she does sleep. And she is a magical talking disembodied head. How is she not a zombie again? Well, I have no real good response to that. So you can see her as a zombie. One that can still feel her limbs and body parts if they get close enough.

Now why did I get her such weird appearance? That is, she is sort of dark-elfish with dark skin and light hair. I guess it was just what I wanted. Though now I have no reason for why she looks like that since no one else will be a dark elf. Oh well.

If you hadn’t noticed, Gale Rose is not her real name. It’s a line-of-sight name from the wind that was blowing on the tower and the flowers on the roof.

Gale is like the guide for the world. Without her, Milly would have nothing. As a note, Gale was still sleeping when Carl Ross came by, that’s why the two of them never met. Gale would be the reason why Milly will succeed in getting home! Maybe. I haven’t decided that much.

Now then, the other main character is Pokura, or as he says it, Pokrrra. If you want to imagine how he looks, imagine King Beastly from the Care Bear: Welcom to Care-a-lot show. That is exactly how Pokura looks. And I sort of modeled his entire personality on it. So Pokura is a mischievious little guy that likes wrecking stuff. But at least he listens to Milly.

Kurbol (Pokura’s species) are fairly smart. In fact, everything around is fairly smart, as common in those magical worlds. That is why he fully understands Milly and can speak with her when she’s using the Beast Language magem. It also means that he doesn’t get to talk much. But I want him to express himself through body language.

Where Gale provides the guidance and care of the group, Pokura provides the fun, adventure and potential trouble. You always got to have a guy like that.

Anyway, next time, really, I will go into the individual provinces starting with Herghkl.


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