Resurrection, Season Finale

Well, this is the end of season 2 for Resurrection. With it comes new drama from the returned, a lot more. For this one, I think I’m going to go with a looser style sort of as an experiment and sort of not to rehash my review of the first season. So expect some spoilers.

For me, I enjoyed the second season a bit more than the first. The tone is different since the returned are no longer a secret to the town and strange new problems occur. There are still high emotion family moments but the surreal feeling was toned down a bit. Jacob doesn’t seem nearly as wierd and disconnected as in the first season, though he still has quite a few shades of that. I also enjoy the husky tones of Margaret as well as her character overall. And I am pleased at how Fred changed over the course of the season.

Now then, onto the speaking as things come to me part. Not that I do much editting previously, so who knows. You might not even notice a difference. Let’s roll! Expect all sorts of spoilers.

To start with, I am starting to wonder if a real answer will ever come out. They drop hints and stuff on why the returned are but it’s all theorizing based on the characters. Probably a real answer will never come. The series will most likely end with just what the character’s think are happening. And what happened to that doctor guy at the end of the first season? He was given a quick mention and then nothing.

If you asked me about plots directly related finding out what the returned are, I couldn’t give you an answer more than one sentence. They are more interested in the rammifications of the returned and what dark secrets are brought back up that people would rather stay dead.

Really, at the end of the season, we have more questions about those cicada or whatever kind of insect they are and how they relate to the returned. Are they all returned before obtaining a body? Are they something else?

I do like Preacher James. He takes over as the guy that only ever has one emotion and face while being creepy about it. And thinking about it, I like how certain returned have super powers. Or to be more fitting to the setting, a different purpose. He could (maybe) bring people back from the dead. Margaret has the knowledge to disappear returned. Jacob can sense them. Caleb seemed to be able to sense the mass return triggers as well as know how to disappear himself. And Rachel has the ability to be pregnant. It makes each future returned have the possibility of something interesting and more off than normal.

Hmm, I don’t watch many pure dramas, which this seems to be. But I am enjoying it for the weird elements thrown in. I do think I’ll make a post on my thoughts about giant overarching questions that are meant to drive the series sometime soon.


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