Galavant, Season Finale

Galavant is a musical comedy extravaganza! Their words, might be paraphrased, I can’t remember. But I do agree with that phrase. I enjoy musicals and comedies so of course I dove right into this.


Ahem, Galvant stars the knight known as Galavant, of course. His beloved Madalena has been captured by the evil King Richard. So of course he tries to save her. And that’s where everything stars diverting from traditional stories for a humorous and clever twist. For one, Madalena turns out to prefer a life of luxury to true love and King Richard is pretty ineffective at doing things himself.

The plot then kicks off one year later with Galavant riding to Madalena’s rescue after receiving word that she regrets her decision. Of course it’s all a trap by the King. So in some regards he shows pretty good smarts for how Galavant would act.

The story goes through Galavant, his squire, and the Princess leading Galavant into the trap. They meet many strange people and have odd situations. All set to some fun and catchy tunes. As a comedy, they play the musical angle from every way from people joining in to people wondering why people are singing. It happens enough to keep it fresh and funny without being tired. Oh, and most of the songs are some of the cheeriest tunes about death and sickness I’ve heard.

And it helps that the plot is pretty great even without the music aspect. There are many cute and quirky side-characters that play well with the main characters. A few of them even evolve to be more than just joke characters, which I really liked. And the guest stars all chew up any scene they are in to great effect.

The main characters are all great. Galavant is charming with just the right touch of jerkishness. His squire has a sort of reverent while snarky attitude. And the King is just adorable making you forget all about the atrocities he’s done. He wants to try and be a good king, but he is just not thinking far enough ahead for that. Madalena and Princess Isabella contrast greatly. But my favorite of all would have to be Gareth, the King’s personal guard. He gets some great scenes all throughout the series. A real manly funny-serious man.

Time to go into some more spoiler-y thoughts on the plot development, so stop here if you want to have the musical magic for yourself.

Now then, despite being Galavant’s story, he actually does nothing to move the plot along. I mean, even at the end, he does nothing. All of his development over the course of the series seems to be for nothing. But with such a cliffhanger ending and the promise of a season two, I hope they deliver on one. It had better not be one of those joke cliffhangers. The characters and relationships are much too likeable and well-written for that.

Yeah, the ending seems far too well thought out for just a joke, so I’m hoping for more Galavant! That main tune just gets stuck in my head.


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