Milly, the World of Benavill

This time, I will be going into my thoughts and design notes about the world of Benavill. For one, I do sort of regret the name. It’s too long and a mishmash of words. Oz is a nice and short name. Wonderland is made up of two well-known worlds. Benavill just kinda sounds like a medicine. What I was going for was Bien, meaning good, and vill a short of village. So Good Village, which makes no sense and Benavill is a collection of eight provinces.

Speaking of the provinces, boy do I have to try and avoid speaking about them. Yet I couldn’t help but indulge in the first book to list all eight of them. But I try not to talk about provinces that are not central to the story as a way to keep the amount of strange fantasy words one needs to keep in mind to a minimum.

I decided to have eight separate provinces because I wanted a wide variety to landscapes and creatures. Having a clear separation for each of them allowed me to throw what I want into each one without regard for ecosystems of other provinces or why temperatures are so different. It’s magic. I don’t have to explain poo.

In the backstory, three sisters uses giant threads to hold the eight provinces together. Originally, I sort of modeled them based on the Fates that weave, deal out and cut the thread, which was why it’s like that. I don’t know if that will be the case in the future, though.

Sometimes I think it would be better to cut out the strange names and just go with normal descriptors of the region, such as Forest Province for Lillilin. But I also like giving things names and like differentiating different places by name. I just worry that since this is meant for a younger audience, it would be too overwhelming. I even have a ninth province which is the Wizard city in the middle of the other 8. Aretto is both the name of the city and the province. Not good for lessening confusion.

Next time, I’ll go into individual provinces in detail!

Also, since I already named all of the provinces, I’ll list them out here.

Swamp Province: Herghkl. Located in the northwest.

Sky Province*: Raltia. Located in the north.

Forest Province: Lillilin. Locted in the west.

Cliff Province*: Balab. Located in the southeast.

Night Province*: Murt. Located in the southwest

Mountain Province: Dorr. Located in the South

Snow Province*: Vias. Located in the East

??? Province*: Jathy. Located in the northeast

Things labeled with a * are not final and might change.


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