The Librarians, Season Finale

The Librarians, a show about a group of people who save the world every week from the forces of wild magic and other dangers. The series spran forth from a trilogy of movies. I had not watched them before, but because they were coming out with the TV series, they ran all three movies on TV for me to catch up on. It was a campy fun magical adventure. And that also describes the series.

The main heroes are called librarians because they use their smarts and wits to win battles more than strength. They have gaurdians for that part. And the series opens with the return of magic to the world. That means a lot more problems, more than one Librarian can handle. Now there’s a team of them!

The funnest part of any team is how they interact, not only with each other but how each one will interact with the same situation differently. This show captures the wit and quirks of each character from the brainy Cassandra to the guardian weary about all the antics Eve. All characters work well together or apart and are fun to watch.

Fun. That is the main point of the show. It gives out an interesting magical case every episode while giving each character a share of development. The episodes all take a spin at some well-known historical artifact or story while putting wacky twists on them such as a seventh-dimensional Minotaur labyrinth. I don’t even know what that means, but it’s cool.

And the final episode of the season was really good. It surprised me just how much it tied every episdoe together. Pretty much everything that happened previously is imporant in some way to the final episode happening, and that was great! I was watching one arc of a story and didn’t even know it.

If you’re looking for a magical adventure that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still knows how to drop some emotional moments, this would be it.


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