Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Yep, this is a bit late. I was debating on whether to put it out on the normally scheduled Tuesdays or not, but I already have stuff planned on Tuesdays. And putting it off for too long would just make it weird.

What are my New Years resolutions? Eh. I have none. I doubt I’d keep them. I do have plans, however, and most of that involves writing. For one, I am about 50% done with Feast of the End, Book 3! Note that it is a rough estimate based on word length and not actual progress in plot. It might be lower or more depending on how much I write.

Yeah, that’s actually a bit slow, but I got sidetracked by Nanowrimo and then other writing projects. But I’m ready to start again! The only thing is that after a long time, I got to pick up the tone and direction of the story. Sometimes, that’s not easy. I also have to remember who knows what and is doing what when. How? Where, who.

I am excited to conclude the story on Selaf. Though I went with the old-time huge world-shattering event thing. Ugh, it just got so big. I think I’ve mentioned before, but there is more to the world’s story that I want to do, but I am definitely going to take a break and work on other things afterwards. I just have too many ideas and not enough time to get them all down.

Mm, so many different genres and stories to make. Feast of the End is actually a bit of a departure. It’s much more serious whereas I tend to write with a lot of jokes and wordplay. Even in the more lighthearted moments in Feast of the End, there was little of that. I want to try to write a darker, grimmer story. I don’t know if that’s me, and I can’t stomach bad things happening to my characters, but I do want to try. Maybe it won’t be totally grim. But it should be a fun experience all the same.

Here’s to another year of writing!


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