Once Upon a Time Winter Finale

First off, I would like to apologize to all long time fans of Once Upon A Time because I only started watching this season. And that was due to Frozen. So the writer’s plan worked! Come for the recent movie reference, stay for the main story. Because after watching it, I really enjoy the premise of Once Upon a Time.

For those that don’t know, it is a remix of popular Fairy Tales and stories such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and etc. I know this despite not watching the first three seasons because (and again, I apologize) I looked things up on the internet. I don’t have any way to binge watch the first three seasons. If I did, I would have.

A short read into the characters background helped me enjoy the relationship between the chracters much more. Now for the my thoughts on the first half of the season. There will be minor spoilers.

Anyway, yes, the primary reason I watched was just to see the Frozen characters. I was surprised just how much they kept to the movies. It’s almost like a direct sequel. They also gave both Elsa and Anna a good and fun plot arc with their secret aunt. They acted a lot like the characters from the movie, minus the random bursting out into song. Other than that, the frozen characters are all lifted directly from the movie. They even have the trolls and the shopkeeper!

The first plot arc melds the film nicely with the book by introducing an actual Snow Queen. Though I’ve read the original story and the Snow Queen was really more of a neutral character. She is of the tragic villain variety. Of course it’s all still her own fault that people see her as a monster, but you wouldn’t feel wrong for wanting her to get happiness.

That seems to be a theme for Once Upon a Time, that villains can be redeemed. I haven’t seen the Regina of previous seasons, but I like the frenemy vibe she has going on with Emma and Snow. And I don’t have and dislike for the evil stuff she did previously. Win!

I don’t know about previous seasons, but I really want to see Regina having a happy ending. Or at least not an unhappy ending.

They set up (what I assume to be) the seasong long plot with the Sorcerer’s hat. Wow. They’ve gone full Disney now. It’s pretty exciting for me, but I’m not sure just how much Disney was in the previous seasons.

I’m really enjoying Once Upon a Time, and not just for Frozen. The entire concept is a fun retelling and combining of various stories. The main characters are all great to watch as well, and I really like the relationship of Regina and Emma. The huge amount of flashbacks is a fun way of telling the story, too. It shows off the magical world they all came from and then goes back to the modern world.

I’m really enjoying Once Upon a Time. And I want to see what kind of characters they’re throwing into the mix. I mean, possible magical Cruella? Scary.


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