Nanowrimo Retrospective

This is my thoughts over the last nanowrimo that ended a couple of weeks ago. I did manage to get 50,000 words, so yay me! However I have not finished the story.

First up, you can find the story here

Now then, I think this year’s Nanowrimo went about as well as the previous year’s. I decided to make a sequel to the previous story, so it’s more adventures of Milly! If things go well, I’ll probably do one of Milly’s story every Nanowrimo.

It’s pretty fun to do, but tiring. I think I ramble far more than necessary, especially for this year’s Nanowrimo. Last time, I finished the story with about 1000 words left until 50K, so I had to put in more filler. This time, I started out with too much filler so I’m over 50k already and the story is about 95% done. I’ll finish it, of course.

My big problem is that I wonder too much about the character’s daily lives, how they get food, get clean and all that stuff. And since I think about it, I feel compelled to let the readers know, too. I hope I kept things moving along at a decent pace. Not too fast, give enough details so people will learn about the fantasy world Milly is in. But also not so slow that it feels like its dragging.

The good thing about Milly’s story is that it’s one of those that I can shove events into at random. If I ever need to lengthen it, I can just add something random. It takes pressure off me each day, especially since my plan going into Nanowrimo is to have no outline. It’s part of my fun. I have ideas and plans, but nothing officially written down before the writing period begins.

Yeah, it leads to struggles on what to write some days, but I think it’s interesting to do.

For future Milly stories, it’s going to follow a pattern of go to new province, find a part of Gale. The first book covered two provinces and the second book covered a third one. For the third part of her story, here is a spoiler. She will be going into the Night Province of perpetual darkness. Note that it might change by the time next year rolls around, but that’s the current plan. A moth-people like race lives there.

Perhaps I’ll do a writeup on my thoughts and ideas for making Milly in future posts. It would start from the first book since I never did one for that. So long!161


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