Peter Pan Live! Mini Post

This will just be a quick small post on the production of Peter Pan Live! For those who don’t know what that is, Peter Pan Live! is a musical production on NBC of Peter Pan. Imagine that.

It was fun with a lot of great dance numbers. I mostly liked all the large group ones, with the Pirates, Lost Boys and Indians. That was fancy.

Compared to a production of Peter Pan I saw as a child, I think I prefer that one more. Or at least I was enamoured by that one more. I have not seen that one in a while, so it might be nostalgia or just me being younger. But it was great to hear all of the songs again. The new songs were pretty good as well.

And I liked Christopher Walken as Hook. He had a charm and swagger that fit in well wit the coloful productions of the live show. He wasn’t really menacing, but Hook had a style all his own while most of the other characters were more reasonable in their acting. It made him fun to watch. Side note, the guy playing Smee had buff arms.

The two most disappointing parts of this was the weird CGI used for Tinkerbell and the fairy dust. Sure, actual dust might be hard to show up on camera, but maybe foil confetti or something. And I liked the old spotlight Tinkerbell. It gave her some sense of being around the set.

The second thing was the final fight choreography between Pan and Hook. That was the most ridiculous flynning I’ve ever seen. If they tightened that up, the finale would have been much better and climatic.

I did enjoy the songs-and-dance numbers a lot, and that is the main point of the musical, not the fighting. So, it was good.


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