Gotham, Fall Finale

It’s only the middle of the season, but I suppose it’s as good of a time to look back at the episodes they showed so far. First off, for those not watching, what is Gotham? It is the story about the city of Gotham from the Batman comics before Batman came about. Corruption is running rampant and only one man is standing up to it. That man is Jim Gordan.

The show does take some liberties with the age of characters mostly so they can show the future Batman villains in some capacity. Some backstories are also changed around. I think the show works well, and it is helped along by the mythology and setting.

Gotham is captured in all of its grimy, dark and gothy glory. Most of the side-characters also have the look and feel that matches well with the city. Only Gordon is a clean and upstanding man, and his personality pretty much grates on everyone around him that just likes to keep their heads down and out of the way.

In Gotham, Gordan is a fresh transfer and immediately gets assigned to the Wayne killings. Oh yeah, random spoilers for age old Batman lore, Batman is Bruce Wayne and his parents get murdered.

The plot shifts between whatever crazy the police is tackling at the time to Bruce Wayne dealing with his parents being killed to the plot of the Penguin. It’s a lot of fun seeing all the future villains when they still aren’t quite so monstrous, yet you know they will win in the end. Each week’s criminal is fun to see because they can go into some ridiculous elaborate thing without seeming too crazy for the world of Gotham.

Without Batman, the rest of the characters have really stepped up in terms of being interesting and fun to watch. This includes original character Fish Mooney, who is set up to be a criminal mastermind. Yet you predict her to fail because she is not an enemy of the Batman.

And seeing the villains and other characters back when they were all normal makes you wonder how things go so very wrong in the future.

Hmm, I think the revision that bothers me the most about Gotham is Poison Ivy. They changed her name which was really unnecessary. It became a blatant hint with her first name being Ivy. (Not that Edward Nygma is better, but at least that came from the comics). And her backstory was given more of a relation to Bruce and Gordon. Though she recently came back into the series, so I’ll see how her character develops.

The show is fun to watch, and seeing all of the villains grow into the monsters everyone knows is fun. A Batman without the Batman works surpisingly well.


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