I finally got around to seeing Interstellar, and it was worth it. The movie mixes space adventure, some plausible (but not probable) space theory all grounded by a father-daughter story that is at the heart of the film.

The first part of the movie starts off slow, but I really appreciated them showing a lot of life on Earth after the blight happened. It really gave us a sense of what Cooper (Mathew McConaughey) was trying to save. Earth isn’t a fantastic place to live anymore, but it is still worth fighting for.

Then comes all of the grand, sweeping space adventuring. For the launch of the rocket, I would highly suggest watching it with a good sound system. At the theater, the sound of it was the kind that rumbled in your gut. It made everything vibrate and just made the launch felt that much more grand.

The music was fantastic, too. You wouldn’t think church organs would be a good fit, but they are. They so very are. I think the music tries to keep the story firmly on and about Earth and the people still struggling there.

And that is where most of the emotional scenes come from, the relationship between a father and their child. Even though Cooper barely has any direct contact with his daughter after leaving for space, because he’s in space, those are still the most powerful scenes in the film. I cried at many points, I’ll admit that.

Not that the alien planets weren’t fun to watch. The ones we see was probably presented as realistic, but they still contained their own sense of wonder. I won’t say too much on that, for if you want to know more, you should see the movie. But I did enjoy them a lot as I do when seeing strange and fantastic places.

Interstellar is an emotional ride that has a bit of magic running through it from the very beginning. It might drag on in places, but I can’t really think of any scenes I would want to cut. Every one just feels important either for showing off the character, the world and moving the plot along. And I imagine that must have cut down quite a lot of scenes in editting.

Though most of the action takes place in space, it is a great human story.


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