Feast of the End 2, Final Thoughts

This post will simply be my final thoughts and notes on Feast of the End 2. If I think of anything more to say later, I’ll make a new post about it. This post will contain spoilers, so please read the book first!

Overall, I think I did everything I wanted to in the second book. There was a large dizak threat, a party, and intersecting plots against different people. At times, this book really does feel like jerks fighting jerks, so I hoped the inclusion of Sorta helped alleviate that with some good people.

For this book, I wanted Selaf to move more towards a sort of heroic personality. She is still selfish and thinks mostly of her own happiness, but at least now her happiness is tied to other people being happy. Selaf is still not the ‘hero’ of the story, just the main charcter. I did want her to soften up a lot, though.

For Sophy, I wanted to show her grow by believing more in herself and not just following what her masters order. She is the nice character out of the people in Anmaul, and now she has the stregnth to follow it.

Lady Tarea, hmm, for her, I have some big plans in the third book. What happened in the second book did change her, though it wasn’t for the better. And it will really shape her decision in the third book.

And while I didn’t discuss it much, Hallas and Mina were doing important stuff as well. After a few months of relative peace, they are busy trying to fight the Shining Sun Order in Thalliance now. It all started after Selaf’s ring fell back into the Shining Sun Order’s hands.

Right now, though, I am worried about the ring a lot. I have a plan for it, but it is probably really normal. The more outlandish your theory, the more disappointed you will be. Well, if I come up with a better idea while writing, I’ll go with that.

For the third book, Hallas and Mina will return to the story. I have always planned for Hallas to be the actual hero of the tale. He is the more traditional good guy that wants to save people and work towards something better. He just simply isn’t the point of view character.

I think that’s everything I wanted to say about book 2 for the time being. I will be hard at work on Book 3, the final part of the trilogy!


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