Design Notes, Other Characters

This post is for the new characters of  An and Anselm in Feast of the End Book 2

I didn’t mention how the Anthelia Maiden had a brother in the first book, though I did allude to it. In the last scene with her, she reaches out her hand to bring someone over to watch the End of Year event with her. That was An.

Yes, An is his full name. It’s not some kind of nickname. Having the name An also really messed with my spell check/grammar check. I’ve mentioned before how Selaf was originally supposed to be named Furfur and Sophy Murmur. In that same sense, An was going to be named Amy. When I changed that, his name became An.

When I first made the strikhart’s power of allowing them to transfer emotions, I didn’t have An in mind. It just became a really good way to have Selaf be uniquely able to communicate with him. He was a bit tough to portray with a childish personality that’s also supposed to be a bit simple. I had to think a bit about just how childish or simple he should be.

I’ll get into An’s past more in the third book, though I will say that he is the stronger of the siblings.

Though An’s father, Anselm, wasn’t a major character, I still wanted to describe him. He is the father of the Anthelia Maiden and the general of Anmaul’s army. It should be someone impressive. I decided to make him look average, instead, but give him an aura of authority. I don’t think he’ll ever be a major character, not like Commader Rapsard.

As for the Anthelia Maiden, I wanted to keep the theme naming of having An in the name. That’s why her name is Anelly. Having not shown much of her personality in the first book, I had a greater chance to do so. I decided to keep her a cool and calm person, someone worthy of being the figurehead of Anmaul.

Do they have a mother? Yes they do. She’s just not part of the Anmaul military or governing body.


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