My thoughts on Legends

The first season ended a short while ago, and I watched it. I thought I would take this week to talk about it. There will be some spoilers for the earlier episodes, maybe a bit lesser spoilers for the later episodes as well.

Legends is a secret agent show starring Sean Bean as Martin Odum, the best undercover agent around. The name of the show comes from a meaning of the word Legend meaning a deep cover operative with a background able to stand up to scrutiny.

In the first episode, we are coming into the end of a months long case of Martin infiltrating an organization. It plays out pretty standardly like a case of the week style show with Martin showing off his giant brass ones by daring the villain to blow him up while they are both in the same room.

The first episode also introduces the shows central mystery, however. It is the main subplot running through the entire season, and I am happy that it’s not something that gets dragged out for multiple seasons. You will have an answer to who Martin is at the end of the first season. You might not necessarily get a resolution to the whole problem, though.

The show also attempts to shake things up by killing off the team introduced in the first episode, though the main characters eventually settle in.

Later cases are thrilling and interesting to watch. They quickly move away from just one case an episode to give a more compelling bad guys and mysteries. Martin always falls back to a previously established legend, probably because getting a new legend up to the point where they can infiltrate important organizations would take too long.

The cases keep consistently exciting with lots of getting shot at.

Sean Bean’s performance as Martin Odum is really fun to watch. My favorite parts are when Martin is discussing his previous characters, going down to the details such as manner of speaking and what happened in the past. Then, slowly and without noticing it, he drops into character and refers to the character as ‘I’. It is a great effect just seeing the transition from one character to another and much more effective than having a sudden change.

The central of myster of who Martin is drives much of his interaction with the rest of the cast. I feel his handler, Crystal was underused in the actual handling part. She felt more like another agent rather than his boss due to just how much he ignores her orders and how much their boss overrides her.

The show is exciting with all the secret agent stuff included. The mystery of who Martin is is slowly unveiled over the season and a compelling enough reason to keep watching. And just because he knows the answer doesn’t mean he has all of them. There is still a lot more to discover for season two.


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