Design Notes, Sorta Characters

I’ve talked a bit about the island of Sorta, so here I’ll talk a bit about the characters that populate it. There will be some spoilers here and there.

Hmm, overall, I don’t think I have that much to say on them, however. They are all as they appear. I did try to make their overall behavior different from those from Sorcnon and Betaia. They are more friendly and inviting without expecting anything when compared to Sorcnon. And they are not as rigid in structure when compared with Betaia.

After so many sneaky, manipulative types in Sorcnon, I wanted the royal family to be kind and beloved by the people. King Orimal is a fair but stern ruler. He wants what’s best for his people, which is to get them through the storm disaster. But he also doesn’t like how much influence Sorcnon and Betaia would have. I didn’t touch on it too much in the story, though.

For Prince Omil, I briefly considered having him work with Gilmott Korgan in poisoning the whole Autumnal Feast. I discarded it, though, because it’s been done a lot and it would change the feeling of the royal family. Instead, I wanted to show his anger over the Autumnal Feast being ruined by initially giving him a meek personality. Then when things go bad, he’s the one that is the most bloodthirsty about the entire thing. So he is a prince that cares too much.

Some other random information about the royal family. The queen is still alive. I did not want any kind of traitor chancellor or other high-ranking officials. I wanted Sorta to be people who believe in the king and be justified in doing so.

I also wanted a normal family for Selaf to interact with. And that would be Hyim, Basma, and, to a lesser extend, Yisma. They are Selaf’s first major interaction with a kind and loving family. Hyim’s actions make Selaf question things she previously believed, such as him wanting to save all villagers, not just the ones that matter to him. In a manner, Hyim is mostly there to help Selaf grow.

Basma is the more well-learned one of the family. Yisma is just kind of there. I got nothing for her. Also, I didn’t mention it in the story, or I don’t think I did, but the ordeal with the coeryps left her barren, so her and Hyim can’t have children. Also, Hyim did survive the events of the book, so don’t worry.

That’s all for the character’s of Sorta (that I can think of for the moment). More on other things next time!


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