What I want to work on for my writing

I’ve mentioned before that my writing style is, at times, like I am transcribing a visual scene directly. It leads to a lot of details, sometimes on things that don’t need it. At least that’s what I think. For instance, when I edit stuff, I sometimes cut out certain actions because a reader doesn’t need to know all of what a person did from the time they got up from bed. A simple they got ready for the day would be enough, but a lot of the time, I don’t do that. I go into a bit of their morning routine.

I actually enjoy it, since one of my favorite genres is slice-of-life. It means just looking in on everyday life.

Sometimes, I feel my style of writing doesn’t play to some of the strengths of writing.

There are certain things I want to do in writing, but it would be difficult. Since I write based on visual scenes I imagine, a lot of times I want to do funny background events, but the joke doesn’t work if you directly point out what the characters in the background are doing. And then it won’t be a huge surprise when what’s happening in the background suddenly affects the foreground since I have to mention it previously.

It goes a bit the same with giving out clues. In order to conceal them a bit, I would have to hide the clues within a bunch of other writing so the reader won’t know which one is important until later.

That’s one of the strengths that things such as TV, movie and theater can do. Another is using music to set the mood.

What writing has, however, is the ability to naturally reveal a lot of non-visual cues. It can reveal a characters inner feelings, the internal struggle they have and the reasonings they give themselves for doing certain things. Saying all of that out loud in a visual/audio can be awkward.

Writing can also provide flowing backstory on characters and settings if done well, though I usually strive to put the most important information out with character’s speaking or acting them.

I don’t do a lot of that kind of introspection, however. I don’t know if I should try to do more of it or not. I suppose there are lots of different ideas and styles. Writing has the ability to convey more information than a visual/audio medium in certain cases. And it’s harder to convey certain things in other cases.

Writing everything as if it was a scene might not be a great way to do things, but I enjoy thinking about stories as such.

This has just been some of my random ramblings. You may unliquefy your brain and put it back through your ears now.


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