Design Notes, Brangliss Characters

Brangliss, the large company that runs a bunch of smaller businesses. They control most of the medical related stuff within Sorcnon from research to development. Their subsidiaries handle the production. Another company handles medical equipment and technology, though.

I also decided to make TabeX, a company under Brangliss, to show just how large their corporation was. TabeX handles more of the medicine sale side of things.

In the first book, I mentioned that the main competitor for Railpane in getting the end of year event was a pharmacy company. Back then, I hadn’t yet decided on the overall plot for the second book. So it was more of a happy accident that being a pharmacy company worked out really well.

The company is named Brangliss, after the original founder. He was either bought out or retired, so the current president is Gilmott Korgan. With Gilmott Korgan, I wanted to constrast him to the owner of Railpane and compare him to Miletta Tarea. Both Miletta and him are schemers that look for every opportunity to gain more power.

I even gave Gilmott two servants to match up with Miletta’s two servants. He represents what the most power-hungry people in Sorcnon are like.

Lokas is the loyal servant. He is a brash young man that only cares about what Gilmott wants. I put in his rant at the end mostly as a way to give him some more backstory. It’s sort of tough for me to try and give exposition on minor side characters while still making it flow in the book.

In general, he’s loyal to Gilmott because Gilmott saved his family from starvation. He has dizak blood flowing within him but is not a feastend. He just couldn’t find a way to care about the monsters and failed to obtain their power.

The other servant is a mercenary named Aristide. Aristide is a lumian. Hopefully you could tell by his blue hair color. He also has the same lumian magic as Hallas that allows them to create a super sharp edge of energy around their weapon.

Aristide is nicer than the others and doesn’t like most of whats going on. But as long as he’s being paid, he really won’t complain. In the original writing, I didn’t have him interacting with Sophy at all, which would have made the end part a bit weird. I went back and added in them talking. It was just a small scene, but I hope it was enough to build a connection between the two of them.

Raed. Oh he was fun and challenging to write. I wanted to make him appear normal but be devious underneath. It was tough writing out how other characters would react to him, whether they could feel something is wrong or not. He can be considered the hyper-competent sidekick to Gilmott. He’s certainly much more of the planner type compared to Lokas and Aristide.

That’s about all the major characters at Brangliss. See you next time.

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