Design Notes, More Dizaks

Welcome to the notes on new dizak designs! There’s really only two major dizaks introduced. The others were more part of the world. Expect some spoilers in here.

I will give some general notes on dizaks, though. The primarily gather around the Sorcnon area and the oceans around Sorcnon. The aquatic dizaks are considered much more dangerous than the ones on land, mainly due to how much harder they are to deal with. No one sails the waters around Sorcnon due to that reason. The walls around Sorta are all to prevent and aquatic dizaks from coming onto the land.

There are flying dizaks, but those are among the rarity. The flying dizaks reproduce slowly, so their population is kept stable if nothing is killing them. But other dizaks or people are killing the flyers, so they are slowly becoming extinct.

So, how about some of the new dizaks? The main one is the coeryp, of course. I think I posted about them before. But my idea for them was some kind of fungus, polyp thing. I wanted to do something far different from any dizak introduced before. They are still considered animals, though.

I got the idea from reading about the largest lifeform in the world. It was a mushroom or some kind of plant that covered an entire rainforest floor. So I thought what if something like that was actively living and attacking things? Sounds like the start of some zombie film? Yeah, probably. The coeryps will never progress enough to cause a zombie apocalypse. Hopefully.

I did enjoy doing all the zombie bodies and dizaks, though. They were fun to do.

There were some other dizaks I mentioned but didn’t talk about much. These are mainly the ones that Selaf guessed as Ooria’s feastend powers.

Gollon: a round blob-like thing. It is pretty much insentient and runs on instinct. It is also nearly impossible to kill. They will chase prey until the prey is too tired and then envelop the prey whole.

Shallusk: Hmm, I picture a mollusk like thing for this one. It’s not too large, probably about the size of a cat or so.

Ravaguar: They are hunters of forests. A lithe and agile predator. Their regenerative powers allows them to win most one on one encounters.

Gerustar: This was possibly a starfish-like creature? I kind of forget, heh.

Mirgol: This one, I am completely blanking on what I originally intended for the design. Oh well.

Bonethile: This is the dizak that Ooria has. They look like crocodiles but with an exoskeleton armor in addition to an internal skeleton. They are about as large as a crocodile, too, so quite vicious.

Their regenerative abilities are actually a secondary power to their primary means of attack. Through special muscles, they break and then jut out their own internal bones as spikes. A magical poison runs through the bones, making them dangerous even it the target is just scratched. The regenerative powers allow them to do so repeatedly without worry about their own health.

And that’s it for the dizaks for now. Expect the rest at a later post!

I do plan on introducing at least one named dizak per book. The first one of Bloodnose, the ampwolf. Then there was Death Admiral, the coeryp fleet. What could come for the third book? Oh ho. You’ll just have to wait.


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