Design Notes – Ooria and Shalti

These are the design notes for the characters of Ooria Floralnede and Shalti Rainsky. There will be spoilers, so please read the book first.

They are technically not new characters, having a small appearance in Feast of the End, Lightning Heart. I always wanted Ooria to be a character, and I already had her role planned from the first book. It was really hard just having her there and not being able to do anything during the first book at all.

Ooria sort of filled the character to hang out with Selaf during the second book, when Sophy was unavailable. I tried to give them a different sort of relationship, more friendly and joking. And yes, Ooria is a masochist.

Her feastend ability decreases the amount of pain her body feels, which is why she resorted to the macabre shows. Her ability allows her to regenerate muscle, skin and bone injuries. More complicated internal organs still regenerate but not fast enough to avoid death without medical attention.

Of course, no normal person would want to go through all that, so Ooria isn’t exactly all right with the head. It’s why she can pretty easily be convinced to kill someone, though she’s no sociopath. It would be more of a product of growing up in Sorcnon, where lives don’t have as much meaning.

Originally, Ooria was going to be the same age as Selaf. I changed it later when I decided on a relationship change between Ooria and Shalti. Since she was already described as looking young, I kept it as her thing, looking younger than she actually was.

That also mean originally, the relationship between Ooria and Shalti was going to be much more what you expected, just a slave and master relationship. When I made her a masochist, it became more of a dominant and submissive relationship.

Shalti is half Misker and has the more usual Misker last name of Rainsky. The Misker last names tend to be environmental or natural, though it has nothing to do with the weather going on at the moment of birth.

I sort of did need a reason for him to die, so Ooria would be more willing to join with Selaf. I went with the ol’ deadly disease. He wasn’t meant to be too important to the overall plot, only to Ooria’s personal reasons.

He’s actually a nice and reasonable fellow, which I hope came through during his interactions. In fact, it could be argued that Ooria was more in control of the relationship. The two of them do really love each other, so I’m hoping to mention Shalti a bit more just to show that it did affect Ooria even well after the event. I did sort of gloss over his actual dying part, though. And by sort of, I mean completely.

Well, that is about all I can think of for the moment. Ooria’s going to remain a character in the third book as well, so yay.

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