Feast of the End, Betaia

Last time I talked a bit about my design of Sorta, this time I’ll talk about Betaia. In the current course of the story, I’m not planning on visiting Betaia, though, so this will actually be mostly made up off the top of my head and be based on rought thoughts. If we ever do visit Betaia in the future, it will hopefully remain consistent with what’s here.

Out of the three powerful nations, Betaia is the most technologically advanced. There is a reason for this. Originally, I wanted to put the history of Betaia into the second book but couldn’t find a good place to put it in. Their history is in the third book, but I’ll put a short version here, too.

Betaia used to be run by mages, but they abused their power. The people rebelled and eventually drove off the mages. The wizards and witches fled to either Thalliance or Sorcnon. The people of Betaia then decided to focus more on technology because it wasn’t as esoteric as magic.

For the story, the main thing I changed about Betaia was that they originally brought over steampunk-like or clockwork golems to Sorta. I took that part out partially due to me straddling the fence between wanting real physics or not in the book.

What I mean is that the humanoid robot design wouldn’t work that well since the legs would have a tough time holding up the rest of the body. Then I went with a tread design for the lower half. It just didn’t feel right, though. I want something with clocks whirring away inside or maybe pipes running through the body. After that, I think I went with just the normal artillery before taking it out entirely since that was too ‘normal’. So the end result was just a line of normal defense by the Betaians.

I always wanted some steampunk elements to the world, though I don’t describe them as much. So canonically, Betaia does have golems, they just weren’t brought to Sorta.

Now, for the part I just thought about briefly. Culture-wise, I want them to be something like turn of the 20th century America or London. The design of their buildings are more straightforward and functional compared to the striking look of Sorcnon, though. Betaia accepts all races but the women there aren’t allowed into certain higher level positions or the military. They are already starting to phase out carriages for automobiles.

Betaia has a Prime Minister and a cabinet of other ministers that run the nation. The lower-level officials are appointed while all of the ministers are elected. Regional governors are elected as well.

Just as a side note, Thalliance still uses a monarchy system. Sorcnon’s council members are selected from among the elite and powerful. The Anthelia Maiden is chosen by the council.

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