Guardians of the Galaxy

The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has arrived, and it is fantastic. Guardians of the Galaxy focuses on problems of alien worlds and people, but they are every bit as emotional and easy to feel for as if the troubles were happening on Earth.

The tone of this film is more space epic with fighting spaceship armadas and great alien locales. Each place shown is new and exciting and the antics the team gets up to at those locations even more so.

While most of the Guardians of the Galaxy are aliens, they are easy to get attached to and fun to watch kick butt. They are no heroes. Most of them start out as criminals, but they are criminals that find the will to do good through friendship. And despite being criminals, most of them are pretty funny, especially Drax and Star Lord. The one nice member of the team, Groot, is the fun to watch as well despite his limited vocabulary. The special effects guys put a lot of effort into Groot’s facial expressions, giving him lots of life.

Throughout the movie they show how the different Guardians of the Galaxy have their past injuries healed by finally having a place to belong. And at the end, the group of criminals become heroes that save the day.

The movie boasts great visual effects, action and locations. Everything is kept together by the interactions between the characters. This film is definitely worth watching for those that like Sci-fi or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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