Sudden Show Cancellation

Sudden cancellations happens to shows you watch sometimes and it really stinks. For me, a sudden cancellation means that there is no chance to write a proper ending to the series.

The most recent example for me happens to be Sam and Cat, a nonsensical comedy show for teens.The show was canceled suddenly, and therefore, could not show a proper conclusion.

But is that type of ending all bad? Depending on the type of show, I don’t think it is. Of course I would prefer the show to continue, but if it has to end, then perhaps a non-ending works great. Particularly, I think a non-ending works for episodic shows because then the viewer can just imagine that the characters’ adventures continue. It just happened that they stopped being filmed, but the characters are still doing crazy wacky stuff week after week still.

For shows that write a proper ending, they usually show the culmination of the growths that the characters have gone through. Usually, it changes things up greatly by having the main character move away, everyone split apart or something like that. In other words, a proper ending means the adventure is over. It’s satisfyinf but also sad for me to see.

Of course, those types of endings don’t work so well on a show with a continuous plot. A sudden cancellation means that nothing gets resolved or a hastily written ending is put in place, neither one of which are ideal.

So with the ending of Sam and Cat on some random episode, the viewers can just assume they go on living together with more crazy stuff happening afterwards. As with the ending of Victorious, we can also assume Cat continues to have random adventures during school as well. While the viewers are no longer privy to those things happening, the characters’ lives happily continue on as before.

It might not have an emotional closure of a finale, but I think a non-ending isn’t a terrible way to end episodic shows.


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