Little Changes

Gwah, it’s so late. I had forgotten to do a blog post even though I had also planned it into my day. Which sort of fits in with the theme of what I wanted to write about: Little changes or additions or details.

Long after I finish writing, I still continue to have ideas, things I want to add to a scene. Sometimes, I have ideas to change the scene slightly. They’re usually minor, rarely going beyond two sentences. The small changes often adds some life or detail to the scene. Sometimes the changes will add or alter meaning. The thing is, while they are small changes, they have a large effect.

However, since I think of them after I stopped writing, I won’t get to adding them until next session. And in that time, I’ll likely forget what I wanted to do! It’s so frustrating thinking up cool ideas when I am not writing and then not being able to remember once I start up again.

It happens in more than just writing, too. For instance, I’m doing an RPG Maker game for fun. Usually after I turn off the computer is when I remember something I wanted to add or some code that I need to do error check. But then I go to sleep and struggle to remember again the next session.

Writing it down somewhere else so I can remember it for next time would make too much sense. I just try to rely on remembering long enough. Usually, it’s enough, but who knows how many ideas I had that slipped through?

In a slightly different thread, but still on the same cloth, when thinking about writing, I also think about how to word things. When I am not writing, I am eloquent and flowing with my words. Once I need to type it out, blargh happens. Anyone else ever have that feeling?

The point to this post? If your mind is actively working on the story or project even when you aren’t, always remember it!


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