I have just finished the web show RWBY (pronounced Ruby), which I know came out a long time ago. It’s always fun being able to binge watch it, though. I saw the trailers before and wasn’t sure what to expect from the plot. Apparently, it’s a monster hunting school with all the usual teenager types. There is the spunky type, the loner type, the bully type, the ace type and all the rest.

When I first heard of it, I thought each episode would be longer than it is, around 12 minutes, which was probably why I put it off at the time. I was watching other stuff. Well, each episode is still around 12 minutes, but they’re usually split into 2, so around 6 minutes per episode put onto online.

Action-wise, this series is great. It has some of the most ridiculous things you’ve seen in both weapon design and combat moves. If you want realism, this is not the place to be. If you want over-the-top spinning, shooting, momentum-based action, RWBY has it and a bag of chips.

I love how the weapons are all guns and that the characters actually use the momentum of firing bullets to propel them along. Not realistic in the least but really stylish. It has cool actions scenes that show off just what each weapon could do.

The artstyle is bubbly and cute, as well. It is vivid and bright. Despite souless monsters roaming around the land, this is a happy show full of jokes and sight gags. Character interaction is pretty fun to watch as well. The voice acting works pretty well. I liked most of them, actually, and didn’t notice anyone really sounding off or odd.

I think character development is the weakest part of the show, though. I feel it’s primarily due to not enough resources to put out longer episodes. Due to that, problems seem to be solves quickly without much in between the problem occuring and the resolution. And, oddly enough, most of the character development was by Juane. He’s sort of the normal guy that is not super awesome like the rest. At the end of the season, he’s a bit better.

I would have preferred more of the main RWBY team or world building before Juane. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in the background, such as faunus tensions and grimm monsters. The end of season 1 suggests that faunus will be a major part of season 2, though.

RWBY is a fun show that I hope to keep watching. It’s wild and crazy with some quiet moments as well. Ruby being cute as a button certainly doesn’t hurt.


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