Mell Melange

What is this? Well, as I’m out of stuff to write for the moment, and there was recently a humble bundle for RPGMaker VXAce, it brought back memories of an RPGMaker game I made a while back. Oh, by the by, I did purchase RPGMVXA and am chugging away at making a sequel to Mell Melange. I might give updates here and there.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’m still working on Feast of the End. The second book is in the final stages and I’ve started on the third one already!

I will be honest and say that the game has some bad design decisions that were made due to my inexperience and lack of planning with making games. I did finish the entire thing, though, and I’m happy about it. I did not set out to create an epic 40 hour + thing. I had 8 bosses, and puzzles to reach those bosses. That was mostly it. Some story scenes were thrown in the middle to tie it all together.

The game stars Platine, a bounty hunter looking to take down 8 Black Level bounties. She’s upbeat and gung-ho about just beating people down to solve problems. It isn’t a serious game by any stretch of the word. All I wanted was a clear goal.

This really helped my complete the game, actually. Being a one-man team, I kept things simple and straighforward. I had been meaning to go back and polish up looks a bit, but that never happened. There’s really just so much to consider when making an adventure game from locations to interesting enemies. I sort of just got sidetracked and never went back.

What would I change about Mell Melange? For one, I would definitely take out random encounters and levelling. Levels weren’t that important at all and random encounters just made the puzzles tedious.

Still, if you want to try an RPGMaker adventure game. Give it a whirl. I won’t say it will amaze you, but I hope it will amuse you. Go help Platine take out the 8 most notorious criminals in Okra County. Download below. All needed files should be included.


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