X-Men: Days of Future Past

Woo, finally went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. I have heard good things about it, and it did not dissappoint. The gist, future Wolverine goes back from a bad future to try and change it by changing one key moment in the past.

The film picks up about ten years after First Class. Pretty much an entire movie’s worth of events had passed by. Magneto’s locked up, Charles can walk and is depressed, Mystique is doing her own thing, pretty much everyone that doesn’t show up is dead. That alone would have made for an intersting film. However  the prospect of having both future and past versions of Charles and Magneto in the same film is much more enticing.

One of the funnest parts of the movie is definitely Quicksilver, or Peter, as he’s called. He doesn’t show up much (probably due to single handedly being able to solve the plot), but he does get an awesome display of his powers. The world was shown from his point of view. Faster than sound bullets are barely moving when he gets going. And he’s also no all angry and upset at everything, which brings a break from a rather somber movie.

While the future and past don’t interact much at all, the film does bounce back and forth between both of them. The climax essentially takes place in two different times at once. The future provides the cool special effects and powers. The past brings forward the feelings and emotional culmination of the story.

This movie is definitely fun to watch and having future Wolverine interact with the past is great. He actually does not steal the spotlight this time. This movie is firmly about Charles, Magneto and Mystique. They drive most of the conflict, Magneto for being an asshole, of course, and Mystique for being determined to kill the man that invented the sentinels.

Charles got a great deal of growth. Only X-Men would have an awesome moment of a guy going to sit down in a wheelchair.

This film actually ends in an pretty happy way, which I think most of the characters’ deserved, Wolverine especially. Wolverine nearly broke past Charles just from having his mind read. His healing ability includes healing mental trauma, right? Becuase otherwise he has a really hardy mind.

One thing I think they could have expanded on was Charles and Magneto meeting Wolverine after the end of the Wolverine movie. We know Charles got a new body at the end of Last Stand, but his new body looks and works exactly like his old one? Comic readers would probably know what’s up, but it would have been nice to include in the movie, too.

This is a definite watch for those that like the X-Men franchise of films. It ties most of the events together between the future and past, though some things are harder to reconcile, of course. But the brief flashes of other movies make everything roll into one.

I’ve heard the next movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, will be played by the younger version of the X-Men, not the older ones. All I have to say is why? Why tease us a good future where people didn’t die horribly and then not use the future characters? It would have been so rad to see them all again.


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