My Writing Style

I have not yet seen X-Men: Days of Future Past. I so want to, however. You can most likely expect my thoughts on that next Tuesday.

For this Tuesday, I’ve decided to talk a bit about my writing style. I think it’s all weird and stuff. I have never took am official writing class, though I do read a lot about writing. I know a bit proper character progression, character characterization, plot foreshadowing, building up to a climax and all that. I hope I do them pretty well, but of course I’m always up for feedback on it.

I have mentioned it before but one of my favorite types of genres, if you could consider it that, is slice-of-life. It just follows the lives of people and whatever simple adventures they get into. Consider a sitcom without the necessity of being funny. Of course, they usually have that, or drama, because it would be boring otherwise.

That’s a reason why I have a lot of scenes in my stories where the characters are just hanging out together before the important plot happens. I try to have them talk about meaningful stuff, but not always. Since I prefer comedy to dramas, these scenes tend to be a bit light-hearted.

For my general writing, I will say that I write is a lot more like I’m transcribing a movie or video into words. I tend to watch more than I read, so I view things in moving images and pictures.

This leads to me not describing inner thoughts as much, because they don’t come through in video. Sometimes I do give a characters feelings, but I always try to consider if I can’t do the same thing when they are interacting with the world.

Also, I give a lot of minute details about the picture in my head even if it’s pointless. I bounce back and force between broad strokes, letting the reader make their own images and fine lines on things I have a image of. Usually, it’s not important to the story at all. Sometimes it might be. It does make it harder to pick out details that might be important in the future.

My point of view is also an older style third-person omniscient, usually while following one character. This does lead to less “personality” of sorts in the writing, making things more formal. In third-person limited or first-person, the narrative can, and usually does, reflect the character’s personality. It’s really something I want to work on, as I think it definitely makes things more fun to read.

I am always looking for different styles and ways to improve. Though I’m also big on consistency, so don’t expect Feast of the End 2 to have a different style than Feast of the End 1.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully going to see X-Men: Days of Future Past soon!


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