The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the sequel to the rebooted Spider-Man films. It’s high-swinging fun time in the world of Peter Parker. It has great effects with Spidey swinging around like it’s the best thing in the world (because let’s face it, it probably is).

All of the bad guys seem to be a bit pyschotic, even before they get super powers. No wonder their mental state got even worse after them. I did like watching Electro (Jamie Foxx) throughout the movie. From the beginning, you can feel he’s slightly off after being put-down all his life. He clings to people and develops an unhealthy obsession with anyone that’s nice to him.

One thing I think the movie could have done was Electro meeting Gwen Stacey again. The two of them met each other in the elevator, and she even recognized him in his blue form. But they never met again, even when Gwen went to help Spidey fight him.

The Rhino was built up a bit in the trailers. I was both kind of relieved and disappointed that the Rhino didn’t appear more. His character would have taken time away from characters like Peter, Gwen, Harry and Electro. When Paul Giamatti does show up, however, he goes full ham in the acting making the Rhino memorable without a lot of screentime. I was disappointed because I thought the Rhino would have been a great Spider-Man fight with Spidey needing to slowly dismantle the suit while dodging everywhere.

Overall, the character interaction was great and the driving force of the movie. I felt that Harry could have used a bit more time. He certainly found out abou the genetic disease and got sick from it awfully fast. It might have made it strange for the first movie, but Harry could have been introduced earlier or made into a villain later.

Spider-Man and Electro’s talk was great, however. And it shows that Spider-Man has a pretty good memory of the people he saves, given how many of them he saves throughout the days.

I enjoyed the movie and felt that Electro was a good character. He’s probably among the top character’s in the movie for me, actually.

The action is good, and the special effects are great. It’s a superhero movie that continues the thread from the first movie of Peter and Gwen’s relationship troubles over him being Spider-Man.


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