Resurrection, Season Finale

Resurrection, a story about people that have returned from the dead in a small town. It’s always the place where this kind of stuff happens. There might be spoilers depending on how much plot I need to talk about, but really, very few stuff happens. There are a ton of questions and few answers.

A short summary of the plot, Agent Bellamy is tasked with returning a child to his home. It turns out that the child has been dead for 32 years and has come back to life. Then more strange stuff happens as he tries to figure out what happened along with the town’s medical doctor.

The other characters are more divided about whether the people returning from the dead are a good thing or a bad thing. Several people see the returned as less than human. the primary conflict in the first season comes from just that. I’m glad that it never devolved into a mob with torch and pitchforks mentality, though. No one is presented as being entirely unreasonable about the entire situation.

The main problem is that the season is only 8 episodes. That’s even shorter than half a normal season or 22-26 episodes. I don’t have a huge problem with the pacing. They actually have a quiet, sort of slow and somber pacing. There are quite a few shots of people staring at each other or contemplating. The episodes certainly aren’t action packed most of the time.

Even in the action scenes, there’s a strange sort of quietness that permeates it. The show almost has a strange feeling going through it all the time. I think that’s intentional, and it does add to the atmosphere going on. Though I don’t feel they ever completely go through with the contemplations they put forth.

Being only 8 episodes, though, they spent pretty much no time answering any questions of who or what the returned are. And when the plot finally for to a high tension part, the season’s suddenly over. It could really use a bit more episodes to actually explain some stuff.

Well, I’m hoping they don’t want to reveal the information on the returned as a series finale type thing. I don’t know if the character interactions and moral musings can carry the series for too long, especially if there were more episodes in a season.

So, yes, I am simultaneously complaining about the season being too short and too long at the same time. Let me rephrase my earlier statement about the pacing. I think it’s alright for the first season, though I don’t know how much longer it can continue. Resurrection seems to be focused on the characters and their decisions and thoughts about loved ones returning. That’s alright for me up to a point.

With the way season one ended, I’d hope season two will provide some answers, because someone should be asking something. Or maybe a great coverup will be used on the one person outside of the town that actually knows what’s going on.

I’ll probably continue watching season two. I like how the characters aren’t just pointlessly obstructive, such as the sheriff. Well, that sort of ended in the season finale where he got a bit emotional about his dead wife dumping him. I do like how the outsider doctor, the one guy that was likely to treat the returned as experiments did not do so. At least not yet, anyway. I hope it stays that way.

This is a deliberately slow-paced series with a lot of contemplative moments, and I will watch a few more episodes at least. If it comes.


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