Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Whew, it’s been a while since I last posted. This time, I am going to give my thoughts on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Yes, I have only finally just seen it. Quick version, it is fantastic. I much liked it over Captain America: The First Avenger actually. The main reason being that the climactic battle had a much better payoff for me. There will be plot spoilers here and there, but being two weeks after the release of the movie, probably most people that wanted to see it have already seen it. This also makes this review not that useful, but I wanted to put down my thoughts anyway.

First off, I already had an idea of The Winter Soldier’s plot because I also watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. With recent events there, I knew that Hydra was back and had taken over SHIELD. I also knew that Nick Fury is still alive. Did it hurt the movie any? I don’t think so. While the movie is much more of a government thriller, the main focus for me is how Captain America adapts to the new world and how it’s different from his world. He’s not quite so out of water, but he does still hold on to the old-fashioned ideals.

The actual mystery of the title character isn’t that mysterious. Even the commercials mostly try to stop hiding it, since any one that has read the comics or looked at the casting credits will know that he’s Bucky, Cap’s friend from the first movie. Their meeting was still poignant with a lot of punch.

And I felt that the Winter Soldier made for a better dramatic climax compared to the Red Skull. The Red Skull and Captain America fight each other for a bit with the Red Skull never seeming to threaten Captain America in direct confrontation. Then the Red Skull touches the Cosmic Cube and just disappeared. In the Winter Soldier, their climatic clash was done much better. They had more history as well as a better fight, overall.

As for the plot, I also liked it more than The First Avenger, actually. The First Avenger felt a lot like it was meant to set up The Avengers. The Cosmic Cube was just on Earth for some reason? In The Winter Soldier, the threat of Hydra could really be felt. Though let me ask, who decided it was a good idea to hire Hydra’s top scientist? Not only that, to give him a brain upload into a bunch of computers?

The movie goes at a good pace with a lot of fun character interactions between Captain America, The Black Widow and The Falcon. They are so used to dangerous stuff that it just doesn’t even phase them anymore.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a fun romp through some high action places. While the mysteries aren’t particularly mysterious, watching Cap save the day is better than ever.


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