This is mainly going to be a short post on some parts of continuity. First off, contuinity, in how I’m using it, means making sure things are consistent across the story. It’s not always easy when writing since the pace of writing can be so slow. I need to look back a lot to make sure what I’m writing currently matches up with what I’ve already written.

I don’t think I keep extensive enough notes on characters and locations. I mainly have what they look like, right down to the eye-color if I noted it previously. I do have almost all characters with more than one line of dialogue written up, though sometimes its just the bare amount.

I really need to keep better notes. For now, I mostly have to memorize or read back on them to know what events have happened.

The worst for me is temporary effects on the characters. Mostly, I’m talking about injuries. I can injure them in one chapter and then completely forget the next chapter. I don’t realize I’m doing it, but readers going directly from one chapter to the next will. I’ve been trying to get better at it, but I am still pretty bad. I even forgot that Hethyr had his eye injured at the end of Book One.

Anyway, just keep good notes on everything, especially if you’re making long epics. There are even software to help you know, if you want to spend money. I just use another document. It does take a bit longer to find what I need and the organization is absolutely horrible. It’s a good thing we have ctrl + f.


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