Season Finale, Almost Human

Michael Ealy, buddy cop show, take two.

With the first season of Almost Human over, I guess I’ll write my thoughts on it. First off, I really like the premise and the special effects. In the future, technology is expanding too fast to be properly regulated and crime is on the rise. To help, all police now have a robot partner. I suppose they have only a 13 episode season because all of the visuals take a lot of time and money to make right.

Their vision of the future isn’t really unique, but it does make a great backdrop for a lot of cool new crime that’s not possible in modern times. A lot of the cases are fun futuristic twists and showing off technology on both the criminals and police are great to watch. The effects are all pretty good, as well. There’s also a lot of small world-building stuff that they say. It’s not important to the current case, but it’s fun to know.

The MX’s really seem to get the short end of the stick, though. They need some upgrades because they are almost entirely ineffective against whatever criminal is on the loose that week. It does make Dorian seem a lot more special and competant, but I think they could show the MX’s in some large, raid style assault being effective.

Main characters, police detective Kennex and his robot partner, Dorian, are a blast to watch. They banter instead of bicker, and for the most part, people treat Dorian as human because he feels and acts that way. I enjoy the back and forth between the two of them. I’m glad that Dorian’s robotness isn’t a huge issue in the plot. It’s more about him fitting in and getting along with people. Even the supposed jerk of the series (detective Paul) doesn’t hassle Dorian that much.

The side characters themselves bring an interesting view to the future world. Rudy, while being funny when he’s awkward, also tells us a lot about future technology. Detective Stahl shows the human gene modifications of the future, and I hope that it comes into play more. For now, it’s mostly just backstory. Captain Maldonado feels a bit like most other higher ups in these kinds of shows. She’s in charge, and other people know it.

It really feels like they wanted to make a longer season, because there are still several plot points left hanging. They might, or might not all be connected. I’m fairly pleased with the season finale as it’s not a large, everyone’s in danger cliffhanger. It feels more like the end of the current character arc between Kennex and Dorian.

I certainly hope Fox picks it up for a second season.  Almost Human is an great fun romp with future tech. It provides a new police drama that’s not available anywhere else. The main characters are fun to watch. And there is quite a lot of background on the world of the future that are hidden around. I want to know more about the world, like what’s the deal with the wall.

On another note, I also enjoyed Common Law, Michael Ealy’s previous buddy cop show. I was quite disappointed when it wasn’t renewed for a second season. So, good luck to you, Michael Ealy.


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