Season Finales

Haven’t seen anything new this week. Well, it’s not like I’m going to see something every week. So this time, I thought I would talk about season finales and what kinds I like and don’t like.

Mostly, as a viewer, I don’t like those big cliffhanger kinds, the ones where everyone is in danger. The ones where a characters fate is uncertain because of what kind of choice they might make is fine, but those large danger ones are just a bit, ugh.

Well, one reason, and perhaps the main one is that I want to know what happens to them. Typically, give anyone enough time to think about things, and they’ll probably be able to pull out cooler and more stylish resolutions than what the writers had in mind when the wrote the scene. That is unless the writers just didn’t have anything in mind so they, too, had the entire season break to think about it. And sometimes, the resolution isn’t anything more show-shattering compared to normal. Of course, sometimes it is.

Also, having such a long time between two connected events means people are doing to forget what happens. They’ll usually replay the ned of last season leading up to the new season, but I mostly don’t feel like watching things again just to remember what happens.

Sometimes, I think a nice place for a season finale is a place in the show where there logically would be a few months time jump, such as one season of Castle when he went to a book tour for the duration of the season’s break. Or the season 2 ending of Sherlock where there was an actual 2 year break, show-time till season 3. Having the season starter happen seconds after the season finale is just feels like a pure tease.

Usually, last season’s main bad guy gets taken out in the first episode of the new season anyway, so they aren’t even there for the rest of the season. They could have been taken out on the season finaler instead.

In the case of Sleepy Hollow, maybe the everyone in danger cliffhanger finale will work since they introduced a new badguy that will hopefully stay around instead of being handled the next episode. If the season finale has a big change of character dynamics, that isn’t bad.

One season finale I really liked was the first season of Elementary. They dealt with the bad guy and that was the ending. I kept waiting for some needless twist in the last second but none happened. I thought it was good. The first part of their character arc was over and a new one was beginning. There was no need for some flashy closing, just Sherlock and Joan hanging out together.

I’m really just randomly talking now, so I’ll stop before I start making even less sense. See you next time.


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