The Lego Movie

First word: Awesome.

That aptly sums up this movie. Though if you want more, The Lego Movie follows the trend of other lego games where it fully celebrates the fact that everyone is legos. They build things, destroy things just like legos. The characters articulate mostly as the legos do. They can’t even close their hands. They have some deliberate jumpiness in the animation, a bit like stop-motion lego movies made by fans.

Everything about the world is made up of fun, lego pieces. This includes the smoke and water. Some of the best effects are actually the moving smoke, waves and explosions, all built with legos. The visuals are really striking and shows off just how creative it’s possible to get with legos. I am assuming everything (minus certain characters) are real lego pieces, and thus, really creatable.

The Lego Movie is funny, with great original characters and lego interpretations of famous characters, such as Batman, Superman and many others. Jokes come fast, especially those relating to how legos operate. The voice actors all do a great job and are fun to listen to. I especially like Unikitty. Her words made me feel the most (emotions in general).

This movie is so  much more than just a series of jokes, though. There are also many serious and sad parts. I will admit I more than teared up during certain parts of the story. They hit great strides between humor and sadness, all while never breaking the lego character. The last act is also pretty great, though I won’t say too much about it.

Go see The Lego Movie, it’s great for kids, great for adults, too. This movie is not just for ages 8-14.



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