New Year Ramblings

So, it’s a new year, hooray. Still busy working on finishing book 2 of Feast of the End. Almost there, though it still needs to be looked over. Other readers really help. I sometimes miss a lot of stuff in my own writing, things that I need to expand more on. I find them all obvious since it’s all in my head, but other people might not.

It’s something similar with emotional parts and mysteries. I have no idea if they work or fall flat or what since I already know what’s happening and I’ve ran through the scenes so many times already. Getting an outside opinion really helps.

Well, I guess the main reason I’m writing this post is just as an I’m still here post. Been too busy to look over Milly so far. It’ll get done after I’m finished with Feast of the End 2. I’m quite excited to get it done.

How was everyone’s holidays? Made any resolutions? I haven’t since I know I’m not likely to keep them anyway. Being American, I’m getting quite excited for the Super Bowl. My team’s not in it, but it’s still fun. Not quite sure who I’ll root for.

I suppose I should get back to writing. I constantly think about my stories, even when I’m not writing. The big problem with that is whenever I’m not writing, I think I come up with better prose and sentence flow. Once I start writing, that all goes away and randomness pops out. A lot of times, I think of stuff to write and by the time I sit down to do it, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say. It’s pretty annoying. Oh well.

Happy start of the New Year, everyone.


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