Sleepy Hollow

This is going to be my thoughts on the first season of Fox’s show, Sleepy Hollow. It is a melding of stories based around the Sleepy Hollow tale and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyspe. Basically, what if the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow was actually the Horseman of Death? All told in the modern day with the war between Britain and America being a major important backstory. There was actually a secret war going on between the forces of good and evil. And George Washington was fighting on the side of good.

If you were hoping for a reedy little Ichabod Crane, well he’s not here. He is a handsome British gentleman with great (though I think fake) hair that defects over to the American side. Through dark and good magic, he winds up in modern times and teams up with Lieutenant Abbie Mills of Sleepy Hollow.

If you are an American History buff, the show isn’t fully accurate or any bit of accurate. It’s just so fun that I don’t really question the historical inaccuracies. Who’s to say that that isn’t the way it happened in their world?

Main characters Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills are delightfully fun, especially together. Also, while Ichabod is sort of a fish out of temporal water, he doesn’t act stupid about it. After a bit of teaching, he pretty much knows how things work in modern times. He just doesn’t understand the why of certain things, like why would you want to post things online for everyone to see. He’s like a really young codgy old anti-technology guy. His general demeanor makes him fun to watch, the way he speaks and acts, all from the 1700’s. I really liked it when he shot a modern pistol like an old-style flintlock and then just threw it away since he’s used to them only having one bullet.

Abbie Mills at first doesn’t believe in any of this secret war between good and evil stuff, but seeing as she’s very important in it, she soon embraces what she needs to do. She’s not quite as fun as watching Ichabod, but no one else on the show really is. The two of them together are great, though.

This show, while having monsters and dark atmospheres, is not based on horror. I’m thankful for that since I don’t take horror well. The monsters and magical effects are decent. Sometimes, they don’t work out quite so well, but I don’t think they’re bad at all. The pair battle through several monsters from different stories such as the sandman and golems.

Each episode typically introduces the story of some monster as well as how it relates to the secret war fought back during the American Revolution. I do lament a bit about how American shows want more episodic format stuff, so the problems that arrise are typically solved in one episode. I would love to see certain monsters come back for more. It always feels a bit too easy when the good guys defeat the monsters. Of course they usually have ancient magic to help, but still.

The bad guys that are recurring are the Headless Horseman, who despite not having a head and never speaks, is wicked cool. He has a flaming axe and can shoot two heavy guns at once. He needs to show up more to kick ass. The other recurring bad guy is Andy Brooks, undead servant of the big bad. He provides more of the emotional conflict between the good guys and bad guys. I felt sorry for him at times.

Sleepy Hollow is full of fun and keeps things moving along. It presents old conspiracies and monster mythology all twisted together into something that works really well as long as you’re okay with them putting forth their version of real stories and tales. Just like how it mixes together light moments and heavy moments. We can still look forward to even more Horsemen showing up and hopefully more cool creatures.

I hope for a bit more action when fighting the monsters and for them to be just around for longer than one week. I realize that the main characters are normal people and going right up to the supernatural is a stupid idea, but I think it would be cool to see.

It had a thirteen episode season. I really wanted it to be longer. Guess I’ll just have to wait until next season, which I’m definitely watching.


New Category on shows and movies

I’ve decided to make this mini-post announcing a new category of posts. This will be my opinions on shows and movies that I’ve seen. While you could count them as reviews, know that I tend to like everything that I choose to go see. I tend to lean away from movies and shows that have powerful messages and are good experiences but are not fun. I know they might be masterful works, but I prefer to have more fun and light-heartedness in the stuff I watch.

Now, why is this not for books? It could be. I didn’t want the category name to get too long, and I might change it to something better.

As a random note, two of my favorite movies are Fifth Element and Spirited Away.


New Year Ramblings

So, it’s a new year, hooray. Still busy working on finishing book 2 of Feast of the End. Almost there, though it still needs to be looked over. Other readers really help. I sometimes miss a lot of stuff in my own writing, things that I need to expand more on. I find them all obvious since it’s all in my head, but other people might not.

It’s something similar with emotional parts and mysteries. I have no idea if they work or fall flat or what since I already know what’s happening and I’ve ran through the scenes so many times already. Getting an outside opinion really helps.

Well, I guess the main reason I’m writing this post is just as an I’m still here post. Been too busy to look over Milly so far. It’ll get done after I’m finished with Feast of the End 2. I’m quite excited to get it done.

How was everyone’s holidays? Made any resolutions? I haven’t since I know I’m not likely to keep them anyway. Being American, I’m getting quite excited for the Super Bowl. My team’s not in it, but it’s still fun. Not quite sure who I’ll root for.

I suppose I should get back to writing. I constantly think about my stories, even when I’m not writing. The big problem with that is whenever I’m not writing, I think I come up with better prose and sentence flow. Once I start writing, that all goes away and randomness pops out. A lot of times, I think of stuff to write and by the time I sit down to do it, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say. It’s pretty annoying. Oh well.

Happy start of the New Year, everyone.