Design Notes – Dizaks 3

Hah, quick random thing I just discovered: asyndeton. Apparently, it means leaving out the conjunctions, as Milleta does in her speech. It’s a real thing! Okay, on to the dizaks now.

Nionite: I really don’t have anything more for this than just a name. It’s weaker than the lukrolds, therefore, the lukrold blood overpowers it and renders it useless.

Loberi: A dizak with flame powers. I also don’t have much more other than a name for this.

Lepuear: An external magic type dizak. It is considered difficult and dangerous to catch. Not many people know what a lepuear really looks like. They have the appearance of giant rabbits, mad with anger. They constantly froth at the mouth, and their eyes bulge out with a maddening red. They mostly have flesh with only a few spots of fur. Sharp teeth line their great maws.

But most people don’t see that. Lepuears can cast illusions, usually turning themselves invisible while luring prey to a weaker-looking dizak. They live in forest areas and spend large parts of their day still, waiting as a bush or a fallen log.

There wasn’t any huge reason why I chose to have Selaf originally ingest lepuear blood. A scene was originally planned where she confronted a lepuear in Forehearth Forest, but I cut it out because I wanted her first dangerous dizak encounter to be with the shadow fiend.

Banefly: A dizak that can phase through objects. They look like giant flies with a giant flexible horn.

Shadow Fiend: Shadow fiends are an external type dizak. Their magic allows them to take control of a things shadow and then control that persons actions. Being shadows, they are hard to hit, but they are forced away from light.

Typically, they sneak up on stronger dizaks and use those to hunt for prey. If needed, the shadow fiend will just bend itself in a posture that the target it’s possessing can’t, usually breaking the target’s neck or back. They only tend to do this after finishing with the hunt.

Shadow Fiends are not native to forests. They prefer to live in arid expansions, placed without much plant-life but a lot of rocks and cliffs.

That’s it for today! Next time, I want to write about something that has to do with the story, but not really. Find out what it is!


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